Monday, August 29, 2011

Feeling blue

I only saw this screen 5 times today. Very conducive to getting work done. Getting by on my little 'ol macbook for now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Minted's Notebook Challenge

In the countdown to the closing of Minted's notebook challenge, I decided to whip up a couple designs at the last minute. I think it was a much-needed mental break from all the wedding stuff I've been working on.

The first design, "Pieces of the Whole", started off with the idea of some sort of gradient of a pattern and then when I played around with the fanciness that is illustrator, I ended up with the concept of something being shattered and then hours passed as I played around with the spacing of all the little pieces (yes, it was tedious), and this is what I ended up with!
notebooks - Pieces of the whole
notebooks - Pieces of the whole

The second design I put together, "Peek-a-bear", was spawned from the simple fact that I had this peeking-bear concept leftover from the calling card challenge that I never won so I thought this was a good opportunity to turn it into a baby notebook =) The idea is that whoever buys this book will personalize it with their baby's photo and use it to jot down notes or thoughts about their baby for future reference.
notebooks - Peek-a-bear
notebooks - Peek-a-bear

Please take a moment to vote for me & the other amazing designs! Thanks!

Monday, August 15, 2011

el fin de semana

This past weekend seemed to go on forever. Saturday was a long day, which started off at the Silver Grill Cafe in Old Town for breakfast. Such a cute place! And kind of amazing as the breakfast menu seems to revolve around their insanely-huge and delicious cinnamon rolls! I <3 cinnamon. After a hearty breakfast (mine consisted of cinnamon-roll french toast, an egg, and bacon), we were off to Vedauwoo for some climbing. We were in the Nautilus area but I will not pretend to know what exactly we climbed. All I know is that the first climb was harder than I expected to warm up on and that our second climb was a chimney climb, which was super fun 'cause I was awesome at it. Oh, and that there was so much scrambling around on the rocks to get down that it was a workout in itself! Here's I.S. working his way up the chimney climb. He's wearing knee pads but I survived without them because I was able to get my feet on either side whereas the space in that chimney was too narrow for I.S. so he had to rely on the tension between his foot and his knees to get up.
Here's I.S. & P. waiting for me to show them how it was supposed to be done ;) 
I made my way up so clean, but topping off wasn't entirely graceful, as it just turned into me clawing my way onto the ledge with my legs flailing (as seen in Exhibit A)
Exhibit A

On Sunday we decided to bike up to Old Town to check out the NewWestFest. We didn't find out about it until we saw all the roads that were closed off for it when we went for breakfast on Saturday, but it's definitely going on our calendar for next year. It was an insanely huge event (which I don't think outsiders would expect from a little college town) that took over pretty much all of Old Town. Lots of artsy booths and food stalls. We grabbed a couple of vegetable samosas from an Indian food stall and ended up at Choice City Butcher & Deli for their Colorado buffalo reuben sandwich with a side of dill coleslaw (mmmmm) as we've been meaning to go there for a while now and none of the other food stalls appealed to us in the same way Choice City did. I love that place. We also managed to escape the rain cloud that was coming over the festival area, so that was awesome. I don't mind rain, but I do might getting that icky stripe of water down my back from not having a mud guard. All in all, a productive & fun weekend =) Until next weekend... ciao!

Menus & stuff

I've been in crunch-mode recently with a project that I just wrapped up last week (was it last week? I was really out of it). I created a set of escort cards, table numbers & menus for an up-coming wedding. It was a fun project because I got to learn so much about creating patterns in illustrator, but on the same note, it was a challenging project for the same reason. Also, I'm still trying to figure out the best photo-set up so I apologize for the blah photo. It was a cloudy day and I'm no photographer (nor do I know anything about photoshop) but hopefully once we've moved and I have a proper office with good lighting I will be able to post better shots of my work! This photo was also very rushed as I needed to mail it off right away so yeah... those are all the excuses I have for you today.
Here were the other patterns that I developed but were (obviously) not chosen:

They were done up in black & yellow because those were the colors I was initially told about but ultimately it was decided a simple black/charcoal grey-on-ivory palette would go best with the table settings. I got a crash course in Moroccan patterns when I was researching for this project, which I thought was the most fun part about this project because Moroccan-style patterns are not something I've really been exposed to very much. My personal favorite from the ones that got cut is the last one so I'll have to find something to use that pattern for in the future!

Monday, August 08, 2011

le week-end

We ended up in Lumpy again to attempt some "real" crack climbing. I say "real" because we've only really tackled crack climbing on slabby climbs, which is nothing like climbing a totally vertical crack (which I attempted once but didn't get very far off the ground). As you will notice in the photo below, my feet were avoiding the crack like the plague. I tried to climb around it but alas... I never saw the top of that climb. I have this intense paranoia that if my feet get in the crack good enough, then I will never be able to get it out again. It was sad. Incredibly tiring & sad. Of the handful of times I actually did get my hands & feet in that crack, it was really satisfying, but with the million attempts at a fist jam, it became really frustrating. Sigh. Maybe next time. 

Friday, August 05, 2011


The past 10 months have been the most satisfying months of work since I entered the working world after college and it all began with a little fish for a contest on Minted for their wedding invitations category. My inspiration: my husband & what it felt like to find him. There was a point in our dating relationship where I felt like I had to throw him back into the ocean and leave it up to chance to catch him again and it was at that point I decided that he was the only fish for me. Come on, you know you want to say "awwww." ;)

But I digress from what I really wanted to get at today, which was notebooks.