Monday, August 08, 2011

le week-end

We ended up in Lumpy again to attempt some "real" crack climbing. I say "real" because we've only really tackled crack climbing on slabby climbs, which is nothing like climbing a totally vertical crack (which I attempted once but didn't get very far off the ground). As you will notice in the photo below, my feet were avoiding the crack like the plague. I tried to climb around it but alas... I never saw the top of that climb. I have this intense paranoia that if my feet get in the crack good enough, then I will never be able to get it out again. It was sad. Incredibly tiring & sad. Of the handful of times I actually did get my hands & feet in that crack, it was really satisfying, but with the million attempts at a fist jam, it became really frustrating. Sigh. Maybe next time. 

On another note: we passed by a couple of elk on our hike up & down from the base of the climb. I seriously wonder what goes through their brain when they see humans. Are they just assessing whether you are a threat or are they wondering the same thing I'm wondering?