Monday, August 15, 2011

Menus & stuff

I've been in crunch-mode recently with a project that I just wrapped up last week (was it last week? I was really out of it). I created a set of escort cards, table numbers & menus for an up-coming wedding. It was a fun project because I got to learn so much about creating patterns in illustrator, but on the same note, it was a challenging project for the same reason. Also, I'm still trying to figure out the best photo-set up so I apologize for the blah photo. It was a cloudy day and I'm no photographer (nor do I know anything about photoshop) but hopefully once we've moved and I have a proper office with good lighting I will be able to post better shots of my work! This photo was also very rushed as I needed to mail it off right away so yeah... those are all the excuses I have for you today.
Here were the other patterns that I developed but were (obviously) not chosen:

They were done up in black & yellow because those were the colors I was initially told about but ultimately it was decided a simple black/charcoal grey-on-ivory palette would go best with the table settings. I got a crash course in Moroccan patterns when I was researching for this project, which I thought was the most fun part about this project because Moroccan-style patterns are not something I've really been exposed to very much. My personal favorite from the ones that got cut is the last one so I'll have to find something to use that pattern for in the future!