Friday, August 05, 2011


The past 10 months have been the most satisfying months of work since I entered the working world after college and it all began with a little fish for a contest on Minted for their wedding invitations category. My inspiration: my husband & what it felt like to find him. There was a point in our dating relationship where I felt like I had to throw him back into the ocean and leave it up to chance to catch him again and it was at that point I decided that he was the only fish for me. Come on, you know you want to say "awwww." ;)

But I digress from what I really wanted to get at today, which was notebooks.
Minted's latest notebook challenge got me thinking about when my interest for stationery was really sparked. I would have to trace it back to when I was a kid, spending summers in Taipei.
Nearly every day of my summer I would go to this bookstore, walk up to the second floor where all the stationery was and just spend hours looking at everything. It's tiny, but there's so much stuff packed in there with narrow aisles between the shelves. Everything fascinated me. As a tribute to the inner child this bookstore brings out in me, I picked up this little notebook on my last trip to Taipei.
After a bit of sifting through all the bad Engrish on many of the notebooks, I found this one that said something that really struck a chord inside me with the words "take your passion and make it come true" printed on the bottom edge of the cover. I found this notebook right around the time when I was still unsure of where I was headed. So after a whirlwind of a start in the world of design, it's become a pretty special notebook to me because it was in this notebook that I began to think about my first real design ideas. But besides the inspirational words, I love that it's so blunt: "It's a notebook," it tells me, because apparently I might've mistaken the blank lined pages for something else.

So thanks, little notebook, for your wealth of wisdom.