Thursday, September 08, 2011


I.S. & I have recently acquired one and it's pretty nifty! So far we've just made beef jerky, dried fruit & fruit leathers/rolls, though I'm pretty sold on the fruit rolls. To make, we just bought a bunch of flavored apple-sauces that were on sale (my favorite flavor is probably the pomegranate mixed with the mango-peach), spread it around the tray, and then many hours later (about 8 for us) you have a giant fruit roll! We need to order some more trays though because we've discovered that two whole fruit leathers disappear faster than they can be produced. So addictive. Backpacking & camping & air travel will be so much more delicious now with all the goodies we can make with this =)

In other news, the work just doesn't seem to stop! But it's good... it's teaching me how to work more efficiently (just ignore the fact that I'm blogging instead of working right now though), which I've seem to lost the ability to do since working for myself. 

Anyway, so in addition to all the work I need to do, I still need to plan & pack for a) our trip to Taiwan and b) our big move next month! I'll be back just in time for Halloween. Weird. Are we really in the autumn months now? It's definitely starting to cool down here, but it's a welcome change as I love crisp, cold air.