Friday, October 07, 2011

Rain or Shine

We are about a week into our trip here and it has been surprisingly nice. Surprising because of this from last week. It has been a tiring day of hiking in street shoes so I will just leave you with a few snapshots of what we've been up to so far for now.
The National Palace Museum in Taipei. Saw some cool stuff, but also saw a bunch of super annoyingly loud tourists. Our favorite thing was probably the olive pit carved into a fishing boat with people on board and operational windows. Imagine the size of an average olive pit. It's TINY! No cameras were allowed so go click on the link and be amazed.
 At the Shilin Night Market. We were a little early, so we found a shaved ice place to sit and get our dinner appetites going with some red bean on milky shaved ice.

 We managed to run into the rehearsal for the October 10th celebration performance put on by the Taiwan military at the CKS Memorial Hall by pure chance. This is us at the memorial building after the rehearsal ended.
 Having a Hualien-specialty: brick toast stuff with whatever-deliciousness-you-can-think-of. If I had a food truck, I'd totally steal this idea. We got pineapple shrimp in ours. Other choices included peppered beef, satay beef, kung pao chicken, and dessert options such as chocolate, strawberry, etc. They had an impressive selection, but luckily we ran into the girl running the front desk at our B&B, who narrowed down the options for us & recommended her favorites.
The morning of the day we decided to explore Taroko National Park: it was rainy and overcast and not looking to be a good day but then we saw this on our bus ride to the park: a sliver of sun peeking through! By the time we got to our destination in the park, the sky was blue and the puffy white clouds had parted.

I.S. & me somewhere in the park near the beginning of our day.