Sunday, October 09, 2011


We rented a scooter! Just for 24hrs in Hualien. We highly recommend renting a scooter if you're planning on going up to Taroko National Park. $500NT for 24 hrs from Pony car/scooter rental (they seem to be the go-to place for foreigners without a local license). It was the easiest process ever. I.S. gave him his name, phone number, an ID for them to hold (he gave his expired student ID) and then off we were! It probably would've been a good idea to get I.S. an international license to be legit, but we would've needed to get that done before we left for Taiwan. So for anyone who may potentially want to rent a car or scooter when in another country: get an international license for more assurance that locals will rent to foreigners. Apparently going through AAA is the way to go. Google it.
And yes, my helmet is crooked.