Saturday, October 15, 2011

Taiwan - Last days

At least for I.S. He flew back today. Sigh. I misplaced my SD card reader so I couldn't upload any photos the last few days, but I found it today and so if you check out my picasa, you will see a few new albums =) I think my captions to the photos do a good job of re-capping our adventures so go check out the new albums for a real update!

In other news, I think we got a lot of use out of my little guide book, wouldn't you agree? I don't have a before-photo, but I can assure you it did not start out this tattered.

I think the most useful thing was having the MRT map in the back and a list of the open hours for the various touristy things we wanted to do: the latter piece of information made planning our days easier since we knew right away if we could fit in certain things or not. It was also nice to have the entrance fees listed for the touristy things too, just so we could be certain if we had enough money for the day, though it was never essential to know in advance since we always carried more cash than we needed.

I am starting to make a list of things that I want to change/add/take out of the guide book, so maybe when I have the time I will update it and re-print (but more nicely and less hacky). One major change will be the size: it would've been nice if it were half the size that it is, which is currently 5" x 7", to be able to slip into a pocket without having to fold it up. I think all vacations should be planned this way. And a more waterproof material for the paper too since you never know what kind of weather you will encounter on your trip! If only I could've fit a rain poncho into this book. Did I mention how much fun I had with this little project? =)