Saturday, October 29, 2011


I don't think I've ever traveled so much in one vacation before. I returned to Taipei yesterday after some time in Xiamen where I ate & ate, then spent a few days in HangZhou where I learned about my family history on my dad's side. Apparently my great grandfather sold rice in his village near the Thousand Islands Lake just outside of the city. This is what his store looks like now:
Just a foundation.

And I saw West Lake/Xihu (HangZhou's main attraction), next to which my grandma lived before fleeing to Taiwan from the Communists. Below is my dad standing on a giant map that's been paved into the ground and pointing at the place where his mom lived.

This has certainly been a very tiring vacation, but very eventful & educational. Click here for more photos.

Sidenote: I never thought I'd want to publish posts via email, but when I found myself wanting to share thoughts while in China, that was the only way I could've posted. But I never activated that feature, hence the radio silence for the last week.