Thursday, November 10, 2011


Last weekend I.S. & I made a trip down to the Ikea south of Denver, which just opened up this past summer. We laughably went down there thinking we'd just do an initial survey of the stuff to see what we want to U-haul back the next time. Instead, we drove away with I.S.'s new/old truck filled to the brim with boxes and boxes of pieces of a Kivik sofa set (the exact pieces are shown below)

We've only got the bare essentials right now so no photos of the actual set up for you yet; that'll have to wait until we get drapes & area rugs & all that jazz. So to get all of the above (plus a long tv bench) home, I.S. worked a lot of tetris-inspired magic to fit it all into the back of his new/old truck, which was pretty impressive. Such a handy little truck. And husband, I guess, too ;)
And there's a peak of our garage! Partially filled with Ikea boxes. It turns out to be a bit of a challenge pushing 3 carts with only two people from the self-serve area to the cash register. Someone saw our struggle and helped push one of the carts out to the elevator for us. Then another woman helped hold the elevator open for us. Then an Ikea staffer helped I.S. load the truck. After a very long day, it was pretty exciting to finally have couches to sit on! OH, I should also mention that Ikea has a promotion right now where if you buy a sofa, they'll give you 15% of your sofa purchase back in an Ikea gift card, which was a pretty sweet deal to stumble upon. 

Prior to our Ikea trip, our tv-watching room looked like this (less squiggly though... and maybe not so black&white)
I.S. had initially picked up a few butterfly lounge chairs that were on a ridiculous discount at Kohl's (they were about $2 each; I told you it was ridiculous!) as something to temporarily sit on since we didn't know how long it'd take us to find a couch we liked, which is what those purple blobs are supposed to be. Across from the chairs is our new 55" tv, which I always thought was really big, but then you put one in this space and it makes it (almost) feel small! Crazy, I know. On the far wall with all the lines is supposed to be a fireplace flanked by built-in bookcases with glass doors.

Next step: infusing our now super-beige room with some color! 

Speaking of color... did you know that there is a company out there that makes custom slipcovers for Ikea furniture? So instead of getting one of the colors that everyone else has, you could get one in the fabric of your choice. Kind of a brilliant business idea. The company is called Bemz & if the covers didn't cost nearly as much as the couch itself, I might consider swapping the ones we have out. Maybe down the road when our covers are beyond saving. Anyway... I need to get back to figuring out which storage containers I want after I picking up the Lock & Lock deal from Plum District!