Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I.S. & I have many dreams for our home. Renovation dreams, that is. But before we tear down any walls & break things, we figured we'd paint our master bedroom because painting is a simple & harmless thing, right? WRONG. What a learning curve! And so many trips to Home Depot. When you have as much wood trim as we do in one room, you'll quickly learn why they say that prep work is 90% of a good paint job. Anyway, here's a quick before & in-progress shots. Probably no after shots until the doors are painted, which seems like a whole other weekend job in itself (though I.S. assures me it'll be straightforward, just like sanding, priming, caulking, painting, sanding, and painting all the window trim was). With snowboard season upon us & our passes purchased, I foresee many of these "little" house projects being neglected. You can probably guess where our priorities lay ;)

It's a pretty dramatic difference with the white trim, eh? I love it. Dark wood trim needs to go away. It is everywhere in our house. ahhhhhh. It is pretty in its own right, but not for us thanks.