Sunday, November 27, 2011


Remember when I said I.S. & I were taking up a welding class this weekend? And that my hope was to one day weld a coffee table or something? Well BAM! This happened:
then this:
and then THIS!
Yup. I did it. I made a table. I really didn't think I'd weld a table on my first day of welding, but you know. This coffee/side table got in my head and they let us use whatever materials they had (which was a lot) and I had 4 hours to kill (it took me about 2 to make) so yeah... I made a table =) With MIG welding (in case you're curious). I feel particularly good about the table as I was one of two people in the class who made something big & functional. One couple bailed early after welding random scraps together, the other guys tried out the other forms of welding & made some smaller things.

The plan now is to cut the legs down more as I didn't have any idea of what table height I wanted until I brought it home, then grind it down/polish it to make it shiny & then lacquer it to maintain the shine & then get a piece of glass cut to top it off. As basic as it looks, it was not easy so I can now totally appreciate why these things cost so much money (sometimes).

And here's a money-shot of I.S. welding a little decorative bicycle:
er, well, technically he's just lighting up his oxy-acetylene torch but you can see the bicycle in progress.

Conclusion: welding = awesome; my welding technique = not-very-awesome-but-only-will-get-better-with-more-welding.