Sunday, December 04, 2011


Today I went to the antique shops south of town with some friends & wasn't really sure what I wanted to find or what I'd even encounter in these shops as it was my first time antique-ing. But in the end, I found a 1950's Emerson Electric fan with 3 settings that works, but needs to be cleaned up.
Won't that look so pretty when it's all shiny again? There's a 2" wide dent in the back, which should be easy to knock out, but otherwise just needs to be sandblasted and powder-coated. Er, I guess the wiring should be redone as well since the power cord has a big section wrapped in electrical tape, so that's no bueno for the long-run. What concerns me a bit though is that the OFF, 1, 2, 3 settings are not there like I see in photos of other ones online so I'm not sure what I will do to fill in those spaces.  Either way, I paid $50 for it and I think I did OK. I looked it up on ebay and they seem like they could go for more (though those are in better condition) but I certainly didn't get gauged so I'm happy with my first vintage find =) 

I also found this little bell in the shape of an apple that I thought was really cute so I picked that up for $3. I figured it'd look good on the office desk after I give it a sanding (it's scuffed up a bit) & spray it gold again. Or maybe I should make it a more unusual color? Given that I've now added 2 more things to the long to-do list, I suppose I needn't worry too much about picking a color just yet. I should probably focus on getting our bedroom painting finished first! (We're down to one final coat on the face of the window+door+baseboard trim. Yay!)

All in all, a fun day at the antique shops =)