Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Light & technology

Every day since living in our new home I've turned on the porch lights after sunset & turned them off before going to bed so that I.S. isn't coming home to a dark house (and also so our UPS guy can see where he's going when he drops off the late deliveries). It's recently become tedious remembering to turn them on & off, especially when we're out during the day & not home to turn them on for when we get home. SO.... in comes the automated light switch!

We just got around to installing it this past weekend and can I just say how much I love technology? It's nice to know that we will never come home to a dark house. The most amazing feature of it is that you can program your longitude/latitude points & it will turn on at sunset & turn off at 11pm by default. Of course because we updated this switch, we had to change out the neighboring switches that were just the regular flip switches to the rocker switch. Our house now has a generous mix of almond-colored flip-switches & white rocker switches. Someday it will all be updated. Sigh.

We also worked on some of the wiring in our tv-room this weekend. We are upgrading our sound system, which somewhat forced us to wall-mount our tv to accommodate the new center channel speaker and as a result, made us look into adding an outlet behind the tv, as well as an HDMI plug so that all our cables are concealed. We got a recessed gang box so that the tv plug is out of the way and I must say how fancy it makes the whole set-up feel, even though it's such a simple little change. We are waiting to install the new outlet pending other electrical projects that will require permits along with this one so we figured we'll just do all those things at the same time. For now, our tv is plugged into the outlet behind the cabinet as it was before.

I should also mention that without Monoprice, this project would've been an expensive one. Our tv wall mount was $15.68 at Monoprice vs. the exact same mount at Best Buy for $150. This is not a paid post, I just simply need to share this amazing resource with people who might think wall-mounting a tv & setting up a hi-tech home is an expensive thing to do, because it's not. Even our CAT6 plugs, which we paid $1 for at Monoprice are $7 at Home Depot. It is insane what Home Depot & the likes make off of these things. So yeah, just FYI: check Monoprice before you shop anywhere else for all your media/networking needs. Apparently they also sell ink & toner. Who knew.

And no, we haven't forgotten about the home office. I.S. is just a bit tired of sanding and I'm feeling pretty lazy about painting trim. Maybe when I get back from NYC, my home office will magically be complete! A girl can dream, can't she? ;)