Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shoeing in the Snow

Last weekend we went snow shoeing & let me tell you something: it's the most tiring thing a person can do outdoors in the winter! Shoveling snow isn't even that bad. I haven't snowshoed since elementary school, when snowshoes were still very low-tech wooden-tennis-racquet-looking things, so I felt pretty fancy with the aluminum-framed snowshoes I got to borrow.

I think one of the photos in this album might be a contender for our 2012 holiday card photo. Wouldn't you agree? =) 
Getting to the Lake wasn't the most straight-forward thing since we were the first to break the path in the snow and there weren't too many markers on the trail so you'll notice in R.'s GPS map below how there's a jumble of lines right before we hit the lake. 
Evidently we did a lot of walking around in circles/zigzags trying to find our way! It was fun being the first on the trail, though. I wonder if that's how explorers felt back in the day. Except they probably had less fun being without a gps and all the fanciness of the 21st century. Click here to see the full album.

Friday, February 10, 2012


It's been a ridiculously-warm winter, which is really hurting for me & I.S. since we committed to buying season passes, but apparently the La Nina condition that has been causing the warm conditions is weakening & they are predicting more snow in the weeks to come. It's looking like next Thursday will be a good day to hit the slopes =)