Monday, March 12, 2012


This past weekend we jumped on the fact that the sun was smiling down on us and got outdoors. We went up to Horsetooth Park on Saturday and while I.S. went mountain biking, I went for a hike. It was a semi-pleasant hike and only semi-unpleasant because there were muddy parts from the melting snow. It was incredible weather though.
(on my hike on Horsetooth trail)
Yesterday we got out climbing & decided to try & cross the Poudre River to The Palace. We were on a frantic hunt for hip waders before heading out to The Palace because we weren't sure of how deep the river was at this time and how difficult it would be to cross by hopping across the rocks. In the end, we only found a pair for I.S. since they had to special-order my size in but when we got to the river, we managed to find a rocky & icy section that we could walk across. The water isn't very deep, but it is ice cold so we weren't prepared to just roll up our pants and walk through with bare feet, in case you're wondering.
Climbing at The Palace is limited to between February & April since the river can be intense in late spring/summer. Thus, we've been patiently awaiting this time of the year to come around ever since we climbed on Crystal Wall last summer/fall, which is across The Palace (& the river!).
(Crystal Wall, as seen from The Palace)

Did I mention the weather was incredible? =)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

leaf me alone

Apparently leaves, combined with wind, have this natural tendency to accumulate on my front porch. Once there, they don't move, even on the windiest days. I would try to sweep them into my garden & they'd fly right back. So, eventually I gave up trying to rid my porch of them and simply lived with a pile of leaves on my porch for the last few months because the fight seemed futile. But this past weekend, the nice weather inspired me to get out and finally rake up the leaves and actually put them in the garbage.
*Finally*, I thought to myself: no more leaves!
Of course, the very next day, this is what my porch looked like.

Friday, March 02, 2012


I.S. has been steadily accumulating tools for his garage workshop for a while now and this week the latest addition to the collection is... *drum roll* a sandblasting box!!!
Retails for $220, he picked it up for $80 from an estate sale. I'm really excited for it because I've been waiting to get my fan sandblasted to begin the restoration process. I wasn't sure I'd go the DIY route because we didn't have a powerful enough air compressor to sandblast back when I picked it up, but now there's no way I can not go the full DIY route now that we have everything we need. I'm gonna be just like Rick! Minus the steady spray-painting hand.

In conclusion: yay, sandblasting! It's going to be magical.