Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Among a million other things we have going on, we are currently in the process of getting ourselves new bedroom furniture (to complete the makeover) and, simultaneously, getting our guest bedroom set up - which also means we need to clear out the tools from the would-be-guest room. See what I mean? It's this ridiculous chain of tasks (not little ones either!) that hinge on others getting done. Sometimes it's overwhelming when we set out to do one thing and realize three other things need to get done first. Which is why I've taken to furniture shopping because that's easy =D

I just ordered this bed in king size for us, which we're pretty excited about. Our current bedroom furniture will go into the guest room. The headboard should just clear the crank for the window, which is perfect. It turns out that there are no furniture stores (that we found) that had any beds with low headboards that were platform beds. We also love that the headboard is angled, so it makes for a good backrest when we're reading or browsing the web in bed =)
I was hoping for an upholstered bed but of the ones we've seen, many had a few inches of a ledge around the bed, which I.S. was not a fan of (plus it would probably make the room feel a bit more cramped, on top of the fact that the bed is king sized). Our new bed should arrive next Wednesday, which is turning out to be a great motivator for getting other things done like clearing out rooms that need clearing out, decluttering my nightstand, and shopping for bedding & accessories.

I started a Pinterest board for our bedroom, which has been really helpful getting ideas together. And also a nice place to go back to when I want to check in on prices of things without having to go back to the original link. We'll probably get the dressers & nightstands from IKEA, but one thing that's been somewhat aggravating is that the "gloss white" & "medium brown" colors are not the same between different product lines, which I wanted to mix. Not sure what will happen with that, but it seems most decisions entail a trip to IKEA to solve. Perhaps I will do that tomorrow =)

Monday, April 09, 2012


It's spring and it's definitely showing. It's amazing what you don't notice until it's gone. I don't think I ever paid attention to the cherry blossom trees around town when we first moved here last spring/summer but after winter stripped the trees of their blossoms, it's breathtaking to see them burst into life while driving through town now. In the two weeks I was gone, the trees in our yard came to life, which was a real treat to see when I got back =)
That cherry blossom tree was seriously bare when I left! And now look at it!

Ah-mazing, as J. would say ;)

On another note, we had a little bird take a liking to our family room window last week, which startled me at first because I didn't know what the strange sounds I was hearing were. But then I.S. informed me that it was just a bird, which he managed to catch a photo of before it decided to never return again =( I think I may have scared it off because I tried to get a look at it from outside the house one day. According to the internet, it looks to be an American Robin.
It almost looks like a fake, but I assure you, it flew to the window & away repeatedly throughout the day (until I scared it off).

I still want to know why it hung out on our window for as long as it did. I.S. said it pecked at our window on occasion too. So peculiar.