Monday, April 09, 2012


It's spring and it's definitely showing. It's amazing what you don't notice until it's gone. I don't think I ever paid attention to the cherry blossom trees around town when we first moved here last spring/summer but after winter stripped the trees of their blossoms, it's breathtaking to see them burst into life while driving through town now. In the two weeks I was gone, the trees in our yard came to life, which was a real treat to see when I got back =)
That cherry blossom tree was seriously bare when I left! And now look at it!

Ah-mazing, as J. would say ;)

On another note, we had a little bird take a liking to our family room window last week, which startled me at first because I didn't know what the strange sounds I was hearing were. But then I.S. informed me that it was just a bird, which he managed to catch a photo of before it decided to never return again =( I think I may have scared it off because I tried to get a look at it from outside the house one day. According to the internet, it looks to be an American Robin.
It almost looks like a fake, but I assure you, it flew to the window & away repeatedly throughout the day (until I scared it off).

I still want to know why it hung out on our window for as long as it did. I.S. said it pecked at our window on occasion too. So peculiar.