Friday, May 04, 2012


When I.S. & I bought this house, we felt so lucky that the previous owners had professional landscaping done just a year before deciding to sell. Besides the new sprinkler system with drip zones for all the plants, a corner was specially set up for vegetable gardening with its own spigot for watering plants manually, which I was so excited to get my hands on.

Until I got my hands on it.

I mean, don't get me wrong: I can't wait to be tending the garden and harvesting the crop (assuming I don't kill anything, which seems to be a problem I have), except the gardening area isn't how I want it and dangit: I like things the way I want! The previous owner had quite the green thumb so I don't doubt that the way he did things were good, but the problem is, his way has resulted in a 1'-2' high mound of soil covering a 12'x16' space whereas I want the area to be level with the rest of the yard with raised gardening beds on top. Is that so much to ask? Well, I learned last weekend that yes, yes it is.

I purchased, loaded, & unloaded close to $200 lumber by myself last weekend.

And now I need to level the area (aka: shovel & haul away a ****tonne of dirt). This is the mound of dirt I'm hacking away at:
The area circled in red was close to an hours work. I don't really know though, I wasn't keeping track. I just know it felt like forever because that soil was incredibly compacted and I didn't have a fork to help me loosen the dirt. You can bet that that is the first thing I'm getting before continuing any more work! The mishapen green boxes represent my future raised beds. They will be 3' x 8' with 2' of space between and around. Given how difficult it was to dig away just a 1'x5' area, I decided that I will just dig out the walkways and build the planters around the remaining mounds of soil.

On another note, while I was shoveling, I saw that our backyard neighbors on the other side of the wooden fence (left in photo) had 2 large raised gardening beds built. It looked like an effortless job of simply laying down some landsapce fabric & building 2 boxes. I was really envious. Sigh. I.S. did suggest we save the raised beds for next year, but no. I'm stubborn. And like I said: I like things the way I want =p But! I know it'll all be worth it when I'm able to walk through my garden.