Monday, May 07, 2012

Gardening, part II

After my two consecutive afternoons of hacking at the dirt and trying to dig out the walkways to be level with the yard, we decided that we should just put the raised beds on a raised base. And that is how we ended up with a 1' high retaining wall.

Here's a mini break-down of our weekend and of our garden in numbers:
1800 # of pounds of concrete retaining wall bricks used.

124 # of feet of lumber used for the raised beds.

26 # of cubic feet of top soil + compost needed to fill the remaining space in the raised beds.

Sigh. I'm getting exhausted just thinking about all the work we did. Well truthfully, I.S. did most of the heavy-lifting but it's hard not to just let him do most of it since he seemed to effortlessly lift the 20lb bricks with one hand while I struggled to carry one with both hands.

It started to rain when we unloaded the compost and soil so I will need to fill up the beds and plant stuff later this week when the rain clears up. For now, I will take a break and enjoy the look of our raised beds (regardless of the fact that they are empty).

(oops... forgot to include a pic of the finished garden earlier)