Monday, May 14, 2012

Gardening, part III

We finally picked up some plants to start off our 2012 garden from the local city garden this weekend and I got around to planting them yesterday.
When we were shopping through the greenhouse, we had one cardboard tray to hold everything and it really didn't seem like a whole lot. As we walked through, I kept getting the feeling like we didn't have enough to fill all our planters. And then I planted them and realized we were pushing our limits on spacing, especially after acquiring 6 strawberry plants from Home Depot. I've read that it is possible to plant things really close and block out opportunities for weeds to pop through, but I think that's for more experienced gardeners. I.S. & I went into this with more of an experimental attitude so we're just aiming to figure out what works best in our garden & what not to do next year.

You can click on the image below to get a better look at the text. But basically the beds all have 2 rows. The small bed in front has more space in the middle for the green onion & chives that will go there. The bed closest to the fence is the west-most bed so we decided to plant the tallest plants back there to avoid shading the other plants. I think we will have too many tomatoes, especially since they are of the indeterminate kind, but of course that's assuming we (I) don't kill anything. When I planted the supersweet cherry tomato, it was really wilty so hopefully we didn't already kill one!
 I will most definitely be more on top of things next year and just start my own seeds because buying these starter plants was not cheap, but at least the money goes towards the city garden. I still need to set up a drip irrigation system, but that should be pretty straightforward. Next weekend's task! Wish us luck in our first year of growing food =)

edit: oooh, I forgot about the thai chili and cilantro that I've sprouted in house too. I think I need more planters!