Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Garden: update

It's been about 3 weeks and I haven't killed anything in our garden (yet)! Though I did kill some arugula, chili, and cilantro seedlings, but they weren't in the garden yet so that doesn't count. I think I neglected them for one day too long during a really hot spell. I've re-sprouted the arugula but still waiting on the others. I bought some Martha Stewart seeds from home depot for peppers & eggplant but neither of those have ever sprouted in either of the times I've tried. Not sure what to do about that. Anyhow, on to the things that are growing!
Look at how big everything got compared to when we first got them:
The cauliflower, broccoli, & tomatoes are probably the most noticeable ones. I'm really really pleased with how the tomatoes are doing considering how sad & stressed they were to start out! I had plucked off all the bottom leaves that were scraggly & obviously dead & was afraid I was making it worse, but new leaves have sprouted from the spots where I plucked off old ones so I think we're good now. =)

We've got some green & yellow peppers, jalepeño, & tomatoes coming out.

You might also notice that we ran some drip lines in the garden beds (the brown tubes). I was determined to get those in before we fly out on Thursday so that I can set it up on a timer while I'm away, so we got that done this past weekend. 
We bought a battery-operated timer to operate the drip line. Eventually we'd like to tie it in to our existing sprinkler system and control everything from one main controller. For this season though, I think we've accomplished more than I dreamed of doing. One other thing I want to do after I get back is make some cover or cage for everything as we've already lost all our first strawberries to squirrels. Plus there's a fox that dug up some holes (thankfully didn't damage anything) in the garden beds so I'd rather not have to worry about all that.

Oh, did I ever mention we have a grape vine? 
I thought it was a wine grape, but our neighbor told us it's a concord grape. I'm not sure if that's better news than it being a wine grape since concord grapes have seeds, but oh well.... I think we're set up for a boat load of them at the end of the season 'cause look at that vine! The whole section of fence you see in this photo has the grape vine growing on it. 
I've never been around and cared for plants like this before, so all the growth really ceases to amaze me =) I can't wait to come back to them near the end of the month and see how big they are, presumably they survive... I'm still very paranoid they're going to die, even though I've seen how resilient they are!