Monday, June 25, 2012

Garden Update

This morning when we went out to check on our veggies, we met our backyard neighbors, L. & B. who are diagonally across from us and came away with not only new friends but a giant bunch of fresh green onions and some lettuce! 

L. said that if we need more lettuce, to just ask because he's got more. I hope that our veggies turn out so that we can share our bounty with them too!

Our own garden has been doing great. I returned home last Thursday to find our garden exploded in size! It's kind of amazing. Did I mention plant life amazes me? They are so much more resilient than I thought they would be.

The tomato plants that I thought were on their way out have branched like crazy in the two weeks I was away & now are flowering!

Our pickling cucumber seems to be the only lost cause:
Something's been eating the base of the stem and all the flowers I saw when I got home last Thursday are all shriveled up & gone now =( The pests & diseases I've read about exhibit more leaf-related symptoms so I have no idea what is wrong here.

Anyhow, I've still got some space in the strawberry/herb bed and in one corner of the tomato bed so I'm wondering what I should put there. Maybe I'll try sprouting my seeds again.