Monday, June 04, 2012

Office: Complete! (sort of)

I'm embarrassed to note when this remodel started, but I am happy to say that it's quickly coming to an end =) And I'm also at the point where I think I'm not too embarrassed to share what it looks like with you so far!

Just as a refresher: this is what it used to look like:

What we did in this room:
- tore down damaged drywall
- hung & mudded new drywall
- installed floating laminate floor
- painted
- ran computer cables behind the wall (of the ones we could run)
- installed a new ceiling lamp

This is my new computer desk that sits along the back wall of the room. It's the vika amon/lage/alex combo from ikea. I.S. got me a monitor mount to attach to the desk so that we could get rid of the monitor stand and free up some desk area. Eventually I'll get a keyboard tray so that I have more space to work on the shallow desk, but I need to plan that out a bit more since the table is hollow and can't have anything directly mounted to it.
And this is my new chalkboard wall! This is the wall that used to have a cork board that we tore down to the studs. M. drew the moose head & Canadian flag. In the middle near the bottom is what is left of I.S.'s outline that I drew after we chalked up the wall, in case you're wondering. Eventually the white jars on the desk will be hung, but I haven't quite decided where to put the rail yet so for now they get to sit on the old desk.
The hardest part of the whole remodel: putting the PC in the closet & hiding the cables. I.S painstakingly crawled through the attic 3-4 times (more than once is painful enough!) to run audio for the speakers, a dvi cable, and usb to go from behind the desk drawers into the closet. Why so painful? 1) It's a million degrees in the attic; 2) It's hard to breathe with a face mask on in that heat; 3) fiberglass insulation everywhere; 4) It's a million degrees in the attic. And there were other complications with the actual feeding of the cables, but I will spare you the details and just say that it required I.S. to stay in the attic far longer than he thought he needed to be.

I forgot to take a photo of it, but this is the ceiling fixture I installed:
Things left to do:
- remove the room door (it's in the way when open and it's never closed so it's really pointless)
- do a better job of hiding the computer cables that didn't make it to the inside of the wall
- get a low-pile rug to go under the chairs
- get a new work surface for the center
- get some book shelves
- get more storage in general
- install some sheer drapes
- and hang some art-work!

I would like to do something like this to the wall my computer desk sits against, but I feel like the giant monitor would compete with little postcards. We'll see what I end up doing. Just give me a few more months ;) I might get a large rug that reaches from under the computer desk to under the center work space but that is dependent on what I can afford and what I can find. Ultimately I want to be able to turn my computer chair around and work off the center work space as needed. Anyway... that is all for now! I'm sure you don't need to hear me think out loud any more than you already have =) Hope everyone's summer is off to a good start!