Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Garden update - September

In my last update, I thought our garden was as big and full as it would get. Of course, it got bigger. And fuller. And now we have a seemingly endless supply of tomatoes & eggplant & peppers & basil!
The tomatoes and eggplant are growing outside the planters and it's just crazy trying to walk through to pick anything.
They're so cute! And a beautiful red color.
One plant that really surprised and amazed us was our little flavor burst cherry tomato that I thought was going to die out from lack of sun because it was being crowded out by its neighbor, but it decided to out-grow its neighbor and grow taller than all the other plants and burst to life!
Just look at all those little flower buds =) I'm excited to see how these taste. 
In the mean time, I think we have enough cherry tomatoes from our other plants to tide us over. I luckily brought out our largest bowl to collect all the tomatoes and peppers this morning. We've waited so long to harvest that yellow one. It's probably been a  month since I noticed the first spot of color change on it and then after it turned yellow we let it stay on the plant for another week. I hope our patience has paid off! 

One dream I have is to start up a community food co-op or trade system of some sort. I know L. to the back of us have lots of green onion & lettuce and M. is overwhelmed by his peach tree and just between our 3 families, we have so much to share so I can only imagine how much variety we'd get if we got more families in the neighborhood involved! This has been an idea floating in my head for years now. I think it's time to turn it into a reality.