Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This past Saturday we spent in Vedauwoo with our friends J. & S. from the gym. J. has a lot of crack climbing experience so we sweet talked him into taking us out to show us how to do it without twisting our ankles. I did a few climbs but my afternoon was mostly focused on trying to get some good shots of everyone since we brought the camera with us.
It turned out to be a really busy day where we were. J. said he was surprised to see as many people as we did because it's usually the place you go to escape crowds. Might be because they had the same idea as us! There was at least 40 people in the area that we could see/hear.
The weather was perfect though. And I got in an 11 climb at the end of the day, which was really fun. The key to a good day in Vedauwoo, though, is properly taping your hands. I think the last time we were here, which is over a year ago now, I didn't fully tape my hands and it was an awful experience. But now I'm looking forward to going back and climbing some more! It certainly worked muscles that I usually don't get to with regular sport & gym climbs. Click here for more photos.
On Sunday while Ian went off to Lumpy Ridge, I made a trip into the city to meet up with my cousin, J., and to pick up a few things from Ikea. 

Speaking of which, we just finished assembling the new dressers I got there so stay tuned for updates on our slow bedroom transformation ;)