Friday, September 13, 2013


Wow, have I really neglected this blog since last December? Oops. Sorry!

Where do I even begin with the updates?? Well after Christmas we flew the 老公's family in for a week, during which we had rented a cabin at the YMCA in Estes Park (highly recommend!). There were lots of climbing trips throughout the winter, along with a handful of snowboarding trips.

Then we got a puppy!
He came to us with mange & the name Mike, but after a month in our care he was all healthy with a nice coat of fur and officially became ours in March under a new name! We named him Enzo after a character in a show the 老公 & I used to watch called Reboot. Apparently the character's name origin was very fitting given the 老公's line of work =) And he's been growing like a weed ever since. We got him at 12 lbs and now he's over 60 lbs at 9 months! Not much of a puppy left in him now. His weight estimate is hard to pin down because he's a mixed breed and the adoption center did not know the parents so we have no idea what mix he is! But the vet guesses german shepherd/heeler/chow mix of some sort. 

Then I went to see a fabulous lady get married!

Then we went to Tahoe with some friends for a quaint little reunion, where the weather was perfect & it was evident to us where Emerald Bay got its name. 

And then we did some more climbing.

...and some more...

At some point I started a garden where watermelons grow.

Then I went climbing some more, followed by steamed bun making for the first time.

And then I went off to see another fabulous lady get married!

Followed by a trip further south to visit the sweetest baby ever

...and lunch with my best friend for her birthday.

While I was gone, the 老公 got working on our camper van.

He's since gutted it, stripped the old wiring for the lights, added a second battery that will be powered by a solar panel, laid insulation and secured a sheet of plywood on the floor, and ordered a whole gamut of stuff to outfit the van. I will be doing a whole other series to document that progress, so for now I will just leave you a link to the Pinterest board I started for the project to track valuable links I've found & pretty things I want to put into the space. This is essentially our vacation "home" so we are putting in the work & money to reflect that.

You might've heard in the news about some flooding going on in CO & I am here to reassure you we are dry and safe and should not be impacted other than having a soggy lawn from all the rain. The sun is finally out now though =) 

Happy weekend for now!