Thursday, October 17, 2013

Van Remodel - Part 2

A couple weekends ago the 老公 and I tackled the ceiling & the wall panels, but first we had to deal with an old leak. Back when it was raining cats & dogs over here, we discovered our windows were leaky so we sealed the windows with some silicone caulking on the outside. However, some of that water made it underneath the nice new floors the 老公 put in and made it further into the floors than he had originally treated for. So we had to take out part of the floor to get everything dried properly, which was annoying but 'tis life!

Here you can see how he insulated and built up the floor:
We then proceeded to cut 1/4" plywood for the walls. The 老公 began the process by making cardboard templates for the various pieces. Since the actual panels are much larger than any cardboard we had, he simply used the cardboard for templating the curves/grooves in the corners and measured/trimmed as needed for the other dimensions. I was on hand to help dry-fit the pieces & other small tasks but let's be honest: the 老公 is the power-tool-user out of the two of us. At one point he asked if I wanted to give the jig-saw a try, which resulted in nearly ruining one of the $20 sheets of plywood (not dire, but would be annoying to have to go back to the store and dig through the heavy pile to find another nice sheet!) Luckily the bad cut I made was in the perfect spot for another panel we had to cut later. I partly blame the person who drew the cut line though. You see, I know I'm perfectly capable of using the tools, I just don't use them with the same ease as the 老公! I'll stick to being the creative director on our projects ;)

So to summarize: the ceiling was insulated & the paneling cut & fitted for the ceiling and then wall panels cut for the back half of the van. We didn't install the wall panels yet because the 老公 still needed to run wiring for the lights and I still need to install and vapor barrier the insulation in the top section of the wall. Though after we wrapped up for the weekend, the 老公 went back and did all the wiring. =p We had put up the ceiling panel but then later took it down because the 老公 realized he needed a different gauge wire for the solar panel hook up. While he was hard at work, I researched methods to trim out the windows, which is proving more tricky than one would think! We've been lucky that many before us have converted their vans and have posted blogs/photos of their process that we can reference and get ideas for but it seems there are a very small number of converts out there with rounded windows like ours that need to be trimmed out with custom work! In my online search I came across 3 options: order custom window boxes from a place like Van Specialties, DIY our own window boxes, or mould strips of 2mm polypropylene. In the end, we decided to go with kerfing plywood to get rounded corners.

After the 老公 ran the wiring, we planned out the lighting in the van. We decided on lights for the front seats, lights near the door step well, lights underneath the bed by the back doors, reading lights on either side of the bed, and overhead lighting. The 老公 ordered LED strip lighting for the overhead lighting and we probably won't use it all so I've been racking my brain thinking of a way to DIY our own casing for the LED strip light as all the ones available are expensive and would defeat the savings of "using what we have on hand". But then it came to me! We are thinking we will assemble some sort of track for it out of wood strips. 

Anyways, here's the ceiling framework & insulated with the vapor barrier:
This is how the ceiling panel looked when we installed it and put in the vent fan trim.

Visible progress has been stalled because of the window trim issue: we need to make the window box trim first, then attach it to the wall panel, trace the opening of the window onto the panel, cut out the opening & smooth out, varnish the trim, and then install the panel with window box trim attached. We have faith that everything else will move more quickly once this window thing is figured out. 

Once the walls are up, we'll hopefully have our carpet in for the front area, put the seats back in, install the bed frame, install the water tank/fridge frame, build out the cabinets, and install the sink. We intend to cover the wood wall/ceiling paneling with fabric but when that happens will depend on when we decide to place that fabric order & how long it will take to ship in. We are OK with doing that later if it means everything else is in place & we can use the van sooner! 

Until next time =)