Friday, May 06, 2016

Holiday Spirit?

Hi blog-world! It's been a while, but I'm back today to share with you some holiday card designs I've been working on. As a stationer, I am forced to be in the holiday spirit despite the beautiful spring weather. But at least Colorado weather is unpredictable enough that we can still get snow in early spring :)

I had a lot of other work on my plate in the midst of Minted's holiday photo card challenge so I didn't have enough time to execute any designs from scratch. But I had some designs from last year that didn't make the cut so I decided to re-work those instead.

Truthfully, I was heartbroken nothing made the cut last year. I felt SO good about them all! But guess what? What I think is good is always improving & changing as I am continually learning & growing in this field :) The year-break from those designs was good for me to gain some perspective and I *truly* believe they are much stronger pieces now than they were last year. Whether they're good enough to make the cut is another question but I feel good about them and my place with my business in general that if they don't make it, I am prepared to launch them myself. So keep a look-out for when they are available for purchase later this year!

First up is last year's "Geo Frost" design that I turned into Geo Knit this year. I built out the pattern some more and the intent was to echo the idea of a geometric abstraction of a knit sweater pattern. I also went with a bolder serif-type to balance out the thick lines in the pattern and decided on a kraft-paper background to add some warmth to the geometric pattern.

Holly & Pine was one of my favorites because it incorporated some watercolors I painted. But looking back, my critiques of it now would be that the graphic is too small and does not do much for the overall card. As a result, this year I decided to blow it up and really feature the type & watercolors. I also picked a full-bleed photo to help achieve that effect. And I changed out a sprig of holly for some pine cones I had painted at the time but never used.

I remember when I first designed "Bright Starburst" I was so proud of the starbursts I created and that was the only thing I obsessed about. But looking back, my critiques would be the mess of lines within the type as well as the tight-vertical feel of the type. Also, the starburst is kind of hiding when it really should've been the star. So this year, I changed the type to one with more horizontal lines, cleaned up the starburst within the type, and really expanded the starburst. I hand-placed a lot of those lines to get that "random" effect. With some input from other Minted designers, I also scaled back the stroke weight on the lines to make the starburst feel lighter and more delicate. 

...and that's a wrap! You can rate the designs by clicking on the images and selecting the score you would like to give it. It will automatically advance to a random design after you rate one. As a reminder, 1 is for MEH and 5 is for YES, that is awesome! :) Please also spread the love and check out the other 3000+ amazing designs! There is also a separate voting group for designs with foil-pressed elements here. A quick way to rate designs is directly from the challenge link by hovering your mouse over the "rate it" box and choosing your rating or else go and click "vote" at the very top of the Minted page and it will take you to the blind-voting system that hides designer information so as to not bias you in any way. The more you rate the more fair the system is, helping to preserve the meritocracy at Minted! 

Cheers :)