Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Cracker recap 18 through 25

A few thoughts that hang over me before the 2016 countdown begins: Will I be able to top my last project? Where will I get more clever and fun ideas like these?? Why did I go and commit myself to another countdown series?? These thoughts or similar ones are always nagging at me when I work, but doing work is how I keep those nagging feelings at bay! Oh, the cyclical madness!

Before I carry on panicking about this year's series, which, for the record, I am still conceptualizing (!), let's see how I rounded off last year's countdown, shall we?

#christmascracker day 19! This turned out to be an exercise in tedium :p hope you enjoy! #backtonaturefoods

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#christmascracker day 20! Hope everyone had a productive weekend with holiday prep :) #backtonaturefoods

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#christmascracker day 22 (a day late) :p lookout for day 23 later today :) #backtonaturefoods

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#christmascracker day 24! Season's Eatings everyone! #backtonaturefoods

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