Sunday, December 04, 2016

Christmas Countdown Day 4

This year's countdown has got me feeling crafty, hence today's post. I was inspired by the story of Teddy Roosevelt's son hiding a Christmas tree in a closet and thought I'd make a little diorama to channel the feelings Archie Roosevelt must've had when he snuck around decorating the tree 😊.

When I got to thinking about how to construct a little tree, this post from Design Mom stuck out & while I have a die cutter, I remembered I had bits of felt pieces I saved from another project & thought that there must be an easier, faster way to make a similar type of tree with stacked felt. And thanks to the internet, I found an example of one nearly identical to one I imagined in my head :) (PS: you should check out her other holiday crafts too. So many cute things!) Mine is smaller, though, as I got lazy & didn't bother with the largest set of squares but I like my tree's diminutive size at 2.75". I didn't have any brown felt so I just tightly rolled up a strip of brown paper for the trunk. But with no star beads around for the topper, I made a star out of paper and painted it gold with some Finetec gold. Folded paper stars were probably the first craft I ever made growing up: does anyone else remember folding them up and filling a wishing jar? Here's a tutorial on how to make the stars. I decided to add a few beads for decoration since Archie's tree was decorated :)

The little tree could be made of any colored felt if you want it to have more contrast against your tree as an ornament. I happened to have scraps of this avocado-green felt so that's what I used. The possibilities are endless!

For my little diorama, I made a "closet" with some cardstock folded according to these instructions and inserted it through another piece of cardstock so it appeared to be a closet along a wall. I stuck one bulb from a string of lights inside the closet to give it a glow.

Lego-Marty-McFly is standing in as Archie here.

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